An Android password manager that lets you manage your passwords across devices without storing them on the device or on a server.

GeniPass uses math to “load” (calculate) your passwords based on an username, a master password, a service, and a tag. The username and master password are pretty self explanatory—the service is the service you’re trying to login to (Google, Facebook, The Grid, etc.) and the tag is optional but it allows you to generate more than one password per service.

You can download GeniPass from the Play Store or download the APK directly from Github. GeniPass is open source! You can find the code here and is licensed under GPL 3.

Technical Info

The full details on this cryptosystem can be found in the README on Github, this is just a small summary. Generated password are cryptographically random and have greater than 100 bits of entropy. In order to securely derive passwords GeniPass uses SCrypt, RIPEMD, HMAC- SHA 2, SHA 3, and master passwords have to greater than 100 bits of entropy.